Shuttershade Studios
Based in Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Release date:
Q4, 2018

HTC Vive / Oculus Rift / PlayStation VR


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Hyper VR Party Ware is a party game that consists of a wide variety of different mini-games. Players are seamlessly transported to a wide variety of different mini-games where each one provides a unique VR experience. Players must complete these mini-games in quick succession in order to gain points. Failing a mini-game causes the player to lose a life, lose too many and its game over! Players can either compete for the highest score online or against their friends in local multiplayer.


The game started as a final year student project but quickly took on a life of its own after the team graduted. It was used to enter the UK Games Fund Tranzfuser competition in 2017 where the game was pretty much fully rebuilt into what it is today. In this competition, the game battled against 22 other games from various other graduate teams scattered across the UK and ultimately became one of the two winners of the Tranzfuser Competiton. More recently it recently competed in the Pocket Gamer Connects XR Indie Pitch where it was voted as the overall winner by a panel of 8 judges.


  • Seamless Streaming Technology - No Loading Screens, Faster Fun!
  • Up to 25 different mini games *at launch
  • Local Multiplayer with a single VR Headset
  • Online Leaderboards to see who is the world best at each mini-game
  • Playable from ages 6 - 66


Raw Gameplay YouTube

Early Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (7MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of The XR Indie Pitch" Pocket Gamer Connects London, 23rd October, 2018
  • "Winner of Tranzfuser" UK Games Fund, 24th September, 2017
  • "Winner of Rockstar Leeds Award for Best Team 2017" Game Republic Student Showcase, June, 2017
  • "Winner of Sumo Digital Award for Best Game Design 2017" Game Republic Student Showcase, June, 2017

Selected Articles

  • "The variety of games whizz past at a brisk pace as you’re barraged with different challenges… It’s simple and intuitive to understand, which is perfect for a party setting."
    - Dave Aubrey, Pocket Gamer

Created by Julian Surma .

About Shuttershade Studios

We're a small team consisting of a trio of recent university graduates that have set off on an adventure to make engaging and social games that can reach a global audience. Since setting off on our quest, we've found ourselves winning awards and bringing virtual reality entertainment to a variety of UK based events.

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Hyper VR Party Ware Credits

Marcus Nichols
Designer / Artist / Developer Dude

Chris Vickery
Designer / Artist / Developer Dude

Parampal Singh
Programmer / Developer Dude

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